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English Language editing and Proofreading Services for pedantic Authors

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While there are so many different options to choose from, most customers are interested in a few main types. The most common types of essay services that customers order reflect standard, five paragraph essays aimed at convincing the reader of a specific viewpoint. We have them listed and briefly described for your convenience below.

Consider working with one of our essay editors and have them proofread your work to ensure that it’s done properly.

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They can answer your questions, check the progress of your order, and put you in contact with your writer. We can work to any deadline, right down to just four hours (even shorter in some instances) with no loss of quality.

Pricing for these services depends on a few factors. Almost every order has a different price because it depends on a few key factors. However, the most important determinants of price are the academic level, page count and the deadline.

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Because our writers are degree-educated specialists, they are used to turning in work on time – with no drop in quality. Hit the button below, fill in the details, and then you can relax – safe in the knowledge that your essay is in capable hands and you will make that deadline. How much will you charge me to write my essay now? Our prices are set and depend on three things – what you need, the level (school, university etc) you’re at, and how quickly you need it.