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Remote Learning Guidance and Support

We deeply value your continuing support and patience as we work out the details for the unanticipated challenges we are sure to face. We have tried our best to create a simple, consistent access point for teachers and learners while providing our instructional staff the greatest flexibility in providing exceptional learning opportunities using a variety of platforms. The key element to the success of our plan will be regular, reliable communication.

During the week, and for the duration of the statewide school closures, our teachers will be working remotely from 9:00 until 3:00 and will be available to their students via chat, discussion boards, live-stream conferences, Google voice calls, and email. They will be using a variety of assignment/assessment strategies, but all information and links will be published through the FCA FACTS Learning Management System (LMS).

We encourage parents to partner with us in this transition. We solicit your prayers, your comments, and your questions.

Creating a Learning Space and Keeping a Schedule

For students to have a successful transition into a remote learning environment, students will need to follow a routine and have a space from which work. As you support your child at home, be sure to have an understanding of the assignments your child is being asked to complete. If at any point you are not sure about something, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher(s). Once your family finds a routine that works best for everyone, do your best to stick to that schedule.

An ideal learning space will:

  • – Have good lighting
  • – Have access to a computer, iPad, Chromebook or other device in a shared area of the home (kitchen table, kitchen counter, desk in the living room or family room)
  • – Have access to learning materials and tools

If possible, your child’s learning space should be separate from their bedroom and away from entertainment sources (TV, game console, etc). This step will help set the expectation that the learning space is for work and not play. Additionally, having your child work in a shared space allows you (or a guardian) to support and monitor online learning and activities.

Sample Daily Schedule

The schedule below is intended to give parents/guardians a guide to establish daily routines. As students transition to remote learning at home, establishing a daily schedule/routine will help them stay focused and on task. Please remember that each family’s schedule will look different. Your family is working around unique circumstances, family dynamics, and your child’s personal learning needs.


07:30 AM – Get up, brush teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast, thank God for another awesome day!

08:30 AM – Organize learning space, turn on computer/device, log into FACTS Learning Management System

08:45 AM – Review daily LMS announcements from teachers and also review the LMS calendar for an overall look at assignments

09:00 AM – Begin working on your individual assignments

10:00 AM – Take quick stretch and nutrition break

10:15 AM – Return to assignments, document learning in whatever way is required by the teacher for each individual assignment

11:00 AM – Check your school email account

11:15 AM – Lunch and movement … Go outside, get some fresh air

12:00 PM – Return to assignments, document learning in whatever way is required by the teacher for each individual assignment

1:00 PM – Take quick stretch

1:15 PM – Return to assignments, document learning in whatever way is required by the teacher for each individual assignment

2:15 PM – Take a quick stretch and nutrition break

2:30 PM – Wrap up assignments for the day, document learning in whatever way is required by the teacher for each individual assignment, prepare for classes tomorrow

3:00 PM – End of full day of virtual learning

As you can see, remote learning can be as rigorous as a day of learning in the classroom. As assignments will differ day from to day, each day may look a bit different for your child. Try to keep your child’s lunchtime and stretch breaks consistent. Your family will, with time, determine what works best in your household to keep your child focused, on task, and engaged in their learning.


In order to be prepared and ready to learn, make sure your child has all the materials and tools needed.


  • – Paper, pencils, and pens
  • – Ruler, calculator, compass, counters, or other items to support math
  • – Any necessary curriculum resources provided by your student’s teacher
  • – Phone, iPad, tablet, or computer with camera (some teachers may ask for students to take pictures of completed work)