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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Foundation accredited?
Yes! We are accredited by Cognia and the National Christian School Association.

Do you test students and what emphasis do you place on testing?
We recognize the limitations of standardized testing as a measurement of learning, however it does serve a purpose. Beginning in first grade, our students take the M.A.P test (Measure of Academic Progress). We do not place the same emphasis that many educators, politicians, policymakers, business leaders, and the media are currently placing on national standards and standardized testing, and yet as a whole, our students perform very well.

Do you use Common Core?
Yes and no. We are using what we find essential and eliminating what is not. For example, we are teaching traditional math. We still teach math facts. We still practice the multiplication tables. We teach cursive writing toward the end of 2nd grade and we have spelling tests.

What is the average class size?
14-18 students

What curriculum do you use?
It varies from subject to subject. When you come for a tour, we’ll familiarize you with our curricula.

Please jot down any additional questions and we will happily answer them during your tour.