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The FCA Difference

There is much to consider when choosing the right school. We live in an area where district schools may be strong but still they are not able to meet the needs of a significant portion of the population. We should not expect that any one school will be able to meet the needs of all students living in a given geographic area. Is Foundation Christian Academy the school for your family? Perhaps! It’s relatively small. We have a high level of parent engagement. You’ll find the staff to be refreshingly helpful. We are a diverse school providing a rich educational experience. As parents, you want to select a quality education for your children. Read through the information provided, set up a tour so you can see the classrooms and meet the staff, and pray for God to give you the insight you need to follow your instincts. If Foundation Christian seems to be what you are looking for, call our receptionist at 813-654-2969 and make an appointment to see the school. This will be your opportunity to visit the classroom to get a feel for the environment and the personalities of our teachers. It is important that you love your child’s school! We want you to feel confident in your choice.

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